Tales about the nectar that made fall in love the Gods

Entranced by the purplish red and white nectar. A precious gem that can lead to WONDER but also MADNESS. As false connoisseurs, passionate drinkers or simple drunks we enter the world of the DEWINE.


Telling human beings through a common element: WINE, because it has always been, for better or for worse, present in most of the CIVILIZATION that preceded us. Between songs and comedy sketches a dialogue will open between two actors and the audience: from the first concoction of rotten FRUIT stumbled on by a troglodyte to the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll of religious rites of the EGYPTIANS, from psychedelian trips of ancient GREEK philosophers to the land of Enotria (Italy), from realy old drunk NOAH to that party boy called JESUS, passing through today’s vineyards and new flavours and to bla bla bla of sommeliers.