Alice Project – fragments for theatrical languages


Ideation Laura Pece Music Gianluca Figliola, Carlo Rosselli Scenography Jessica Fabrizi, Alessia Muntoni Video Annalisa Gonnella Light design Stefano Greco

The Alice project was born as a collective creation to address the topic of solitude during the various steps of life.

Loneliness as light poetry, a dilated time in which the body-image floats in the feeble light that outlines contours and narrates the shadows. A time of birth and rebirth, an advent of the body but also of the thought that regenerates..

Loneliness as emptiness and fear. Absence. An exasperated search for a handhold, a presence, but when the feeling of emptiness becomes stillness we gets lost in the darkness of one’s own fears.

Loneliness as inconsistent bodies that only appear in the form of desire.

Loneliness of childhood games, a creative and imaginative solitude. Represented by a solitary journey in the open sea of ​​dreams with a boat that remember that of paper. An age that is soon to be left, abandoned, healthy forever.

A dance that turns and leads inside the mechanism of a carousel, of repetitiveness, of a predetermined path of a pre-established life. A carousel ride of which we delude ourselves not be part of.
The paper boat, now smaller, returns. Dreams of childhood ferry us to the last age of life that is covered with memories.


A narration of shadows that outline images arising from archetypes and memories. A mask body that encompasses androgynous characteristics and becomes a link between masculine and feminine. 



In the following gallery, in addition to the photos there are also animated gifs, so in case of very slow connection some of the images could be slowly loaded.